LowBlow 99 aka The Blunder Years 1: The Pilot's and Swingers

With a little help from out friends Atom and Kristin embark on a new show, A show no one was  asking for... A show about The Wonder years. Thats right kids the blunder years as a review on not only an amazing show but a review on growing up and the lives of two friends. 


Episode 1- Pilot 

31 January 1988
In 1968, friends Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer, and Winnie Cooper attend the newly renamed Robert F Kennedy Junior High for the first time.


Episode 2 - Swingers 

22 March 1988
As Winnie Cooper deals with the passing of her brother Brian, Kevin and Paul contend with the ups and downs of sex education. Feeling that Coach Cutlip isn't teaching them what they need to know, Kevin and Paul try to get their hands on a copy of the book "Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask."


The Wonder years was created by  Carol Black,    Neal Marlens



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